ZenDerm is a private clinic involved in medical dermatology. 

We treat patients of all ages, suffering from a wide range of dermatological problems such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea. We will evaluate skin moles by dermoscopy and advise you on skin care but we do not perfom cosmetic surgery.  

Our mission

Our expertise

Our expertise encompasses health problems related to hair loss which can affect both men and women. Alopecia and ringworm are but a number of the possible causes. We also evaluate and treat nail problems as well as lesions to mucous membranes such as lips, tongue, conjonctiva, and anal or genital mucous membranes.

Our mission

Our main objective is to welcome you into a calm and receptive environment to ensure a productive exchange with our devoted team. Your wellbeing and the betterment of your health are our primary concern. Our peaceful clinic aims at providing you with a temporary reprieve from life’s chaos. Established since 2012, our clinic is the culmination of a long career in medical dermatology within the public sector. Our zen-style clinic is situated in the Portes du Fontainebleau mall.